Thursday, January 27, 2011

What We Were Made For

 I sometimes read a blog called The Devoted Woman. Today she wrote about what we were created for, to bring glory to God, everyday, in all we do.

The first part really stood out to me this morning. As my heart breaks for friends facing hardships, trials and disappointments, I find myself struggling to pray for them. I can't find the words. Lately my specific prayer has been Matt 26:39 and recently my focus has turned to glory, our intended purpose. 

In all areas of life, when we surrender our will, our bodies and our lives to the will of God and ask that He will do with us whatever will bring Him the most Glory, we are fulfilling our intended purpose. 

Wow! This is so much easier said than done but, just imagine how incredible it could be!

The Devoted Woman says it so much better than I did so please read a small part of today's post. Click the link above to view the entire blog and website!

 God's glory is our only priority

Did you know that according to Isaiah 43:7, you and I were created specifically for God's glory? Yes, this is the very reason we were born and what we are to strive for always in our life - to glorify God Almighty. What an awesome thought, huh?

God formed mankind with His own hands... He gave us purpose to tend and care for a planet He customized exclusively for our existence. And He did so with the intent that we would reflect His light while living in acknowledgment of His eternal beauty and splendor. Furthermore, He made us special in His eyes. He always planned on relating with us on the most personal and intimate level. Yes, God made man (in His own image, mind you) to love and honor His Name while showering us with unending blessings beyond measure. What a good and generous God we were made to serve. For the Creator of all things has offered us each the sweetest, most fulfilling life......See more here, The Devoted Woman

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